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Craft Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream cones with irregular borders, ideal for ice cream with texture.

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Wafer Sweet Rolls

Crunchy sweet rolls for ice cream or coffee. We have long rolls and chocolate covered (long and short rolls).

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Supermarket Line

For that moment of happiness! Always crunchy and fresh!

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Molded Cones

No sugar ice cream cones. A classic in Chile and Latin America.

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Wafer Bowls

Ideal to serve ice cream and fruit in an original and tasty way. We have plain or with an inner layer of chocolate.

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Corporative Sleeves

For a long time, we have implemented our own unit of printing, cutting and shaping of sleeves. You get both products in only one unit!

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For the best ice cream… the best ice cream cones

Dulcono Roma is the biggest ice cream cone factory in Latin America.  We have lead the national market and we have positioned ourselves in the international market.  Our quality and trajectory is in the retina of all of our clients, highlighting in offering undisputed presentation and flavor ice cream cones, the ideal partner for the best ice cream.  That is why the largest ice cream shops and coffee shops have chosen us for all these years.

56 Years

We are a family business, pioneers in Chile, with a large trajectory. Our collaborators have been with us since our beginning. The passion of delivering a quality product is undisputed, and it can be recognized in all of the ice cream cones throughout the country.

Wherever you want

We have our own fleet to deliver our products, within 48 hours in Santiago. We also have distributors in different places in Chile. You can also find us in the most important supermarkets, so that you can enjoy those happy moments whenever you want.


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