Our added value

Dulcono Roma da prioridad a la Calidad e Inocuidad de sus productos, con el fin de cumplir nuestros propios requerimientos y los de nuestros clientes, por esto trabajamos activamente en nuestro sistema de calidad para optimizar la seguridad alimentaria.
Nuestro Sistema de Calidad y Seguridad de los alimentos esta certificado por uno de los principales estándares para la Industria Alimentaria: BRC Global Standard- Food Versión 7 Grado A


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Excellent raw materials and best technology

The brand Dulcono Roma, present in the market since 1958, guarantees the undisputed quality of a varied line of ice cream cones products.  Molded and rolled with the perfect sweetness, are used by the most important food industries and the best ice cream shops in Chile and Latin America.


Dulcono Roma uses the most sophisticated machines, all of them automatic and always under a strict maintenance of their parts and pieces.



Our factory is located in an industrial sector in Santiago. Near the international airport, it is the best structure and most modern in the market, in Chile and Latin America.


Our begginings

If we review the historical information of our company, to come to the contemporary Dulcono Roma, we must say that all begun when, at that time (3rd of November of 1958), two italian inmigrates;  Giorgio Carboni Bertocchi and Ezzelio Pezzzoli Cervellati, post war friends from Bologna (Emilia Romagna), decide to formalize and legalize their business of production and commercialization of ice cream cones.  Creating then the birth of the firm CARBONI AND PEZZOLI LIMITED or CONO ROMA.

Expansion and progress

As time went by, with increasing demand and an expectant business, with Pezzoli dedicated to the production and Carboni to comercialization, the patriarchs decide to call Ferdinando (30) son of Ezzelio, into the business, in order to help them into what already had become an ice cream cone factory.  That is how Ferdinando gets involved in the business and is definitely incorporated into the society.  Later, Ferdinando with his italian friend José Di Battista, create, in 1976, their own company, with  new technology and focused in the production of ice cream cones.  They callled this company DULCONO (Pezzoli and Company Limited).  Both companies subsequently get merged, giving birht to current DULCONOROMA LIMITADA.

The Future

Dulcono Roma has become the category leader company, doing national and international marketing (actually with Colombia and Ecuador), with a wide range of baked ice cream cones, manteining ancient and traditional recipies, that shape our fine products with the precise qualities of color, sweetness and perfect crunch.

Pictures of our people, our family, our home.

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